The radical left, who’s been given free rein to loot, burn and destroy Democrat-run cities across America, has been emboldened by the lack of push back against their movement that continues to grow like an aggressive form of cancer.

Many Americans (falsely) believed that after the election, Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and other radical anti-government, anti-law enforcement groups would simply disappear—nothing could be further from the truth.

While Joe Biden and Kamala Harris haven’t made any secret of their radical agenda if by some miracle (or through massive voter fraud) they were elected, they are still too mainstream for these violent and hate-filled mobs roaming the streets and threatening everyone and anyone who disagrees with them.

Last night, in our nation’s capital, fascist radicals who hilariously refer to themselves as “anti-fascists,” demanded Biden supporters raise their fists in solidarity with them. The loudmouth with the megaphone told the crowd of sheep who blindly repeat every word he says told the crowd, “Just because Biden is in office, doesn’t mean our struggle is over.”

As a reminder, Biden is NOT in office—the election results are not decided by the media, they are decided by the voters and by the electors.

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The loudmouth with the megaphone also told the superspreader sheep, “For all of you fucking journalists, for all of you white liberals, who have been celebrating, getting drunk off your asses about Biden winning this election, you are all a bunch of fucking fools,” while a white girl in the corner of the screen can be seen, hilariously raising her fist in a show of solidarity.

Do these people even know what the hell they’re protesting? Does anyone else find it very eerie to see a large crowd of young people standing around one dummy with a megaphone, repeating every word that comes out of his mouth, even if it’s a direct hit against them?


Remember when Joe Biden famously told President Trump during their final debate, that Antifa’s “an idea”?

Yep, there’s nothing to see here…just an angry, violent “idea,” threatening anyone who doesn’t agree with their radical, leftist agenda, or “idea,” as it’s more commonly referred to in Democratic Party circles.

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