America just witnessed mass protests trying to stop the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh from joining the Supreme Court and we now have an admission on television that some of the protesters were paid.

This is the DC Bureau Chief Shawna Thomas admitting that there were certainly paid protesters/organizers disrupting the Kavanaugh confirmation. She explains that some of the paid protesters real job were to “steer” other protesters to create “viral” moments. This explains some of the bizarre behavior exhibited towards the GOP. Perhaps the paid protesters were trying too hard to make those viral moments. It is unknown if they received a bonus for gathering more attention from the mainstream media.

Let’s watch the stunning admission of the paid anti-Kavanaugh protesters.

“On @ABC’s #ThisWeek, @ViceNews DC bureau chief @Shawna Thomas admits there were “paid” anti-Kavanaugh protesters “steering” people to create “viral” moments #TTT”

After it went around the web that Thomas had said there were paid protesters, she later clarified her statement and it seems that she was backtracking on it.


“clarification: I said there were some official organizations in the mix who have staff & consultants that were part of these protests. And some of them were helping individuals with tactics. That is not the same as ppl being paid to protest who don’t care about this issue.”

So basically, it seems like she is saying there are organizations who pay staff and consultants who were part of the protests and they were helping people with “tactics” – which basically means they are protesters as well. That’s my opinion, but you can come up with your own thought process on this.

I think that if someone is at a protest, whether they are protesting or training/telling protesters what to do, then they are basically the same thing. Why go to a protest if you’re just there to teach others how to protest? Because you’re paid to?

This all sounds a bit strange and I think Shawna Thomas should make an extended statement to really clarify what she meant because her short Twitter post doesn’t really stray from the fact that paid protesters exist. Maybe Thomas misspoke and meant that organizers were paid, but the protesters were not. I think she should further explain what she really meant to say.

For one example, she said that people were there from Alaska.

Who paid for their travel? Did all of those people put up their own money just to protest? That sounds a bit hard to believe.

Did random people travel all the way across the country just to protest?

Does anyone think that money could have been better spent going on a real vacation?

It probably was very expensive to travel from Alaska to Capitol Hill to protest, so you’d have to imagine that someone maybe paid for all their travel expenses.

Was it a special interest group like Ultraviolet who paid for it?

If you want to see what Ultraviolet is all about, then look at the campaigns on their website.

One of the more shocking posts that they’ve made is one that claims people who are drinking pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks are fueling racism.

“That favorite fall drink of yours is funding rent payments to white supremacy.”

This post was so bad that people who might be part of their own group were calling them out for being ridiculous.

Others explained how business works and that it has nothing to do with white supremacy.

After seeing this pumpkin spiced latte post of theirs, I can’t wait to see what other nonsense they’re posting.

Just imagine you walked into a Starbucks to get a drink and now you’re being labeled as a racist.

Is that the type of thing activists should really pursue?


Doubtful, but with this type of thinking and posting on their social media accounts, it certainly makes it easier to believe that people are paid to protest.

After all, we did catch protesters on camera being trained what to say and what to do.

You can’t deny that!

Here’s another clip of the organizers and protesters.

One girl is following Senator Kennedy asking why he can’t stop to chat. Maybe that’s because he was busy with the whole Kavanaugh confirmation process. You know, they were on a schedule. Don’t have time to stop and chat with every protester.

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