The #RealWalkAway Rally in DC started peacefully today with a big turnout of people ready to walk away from the Democrat Party.

One of the videos below shows the crowd marching in peace, but that didn’t last long. The BLM and Antifa thugs crashed the rally and began to cause trouble. The DC police swooped in and made arrests.

One of the BLM rioters in the video below has been arrested several times (photo below) and was at the DC rally. She’s wearing glasses and is in the last part of the video immediately below. Andy Ngo also has all three arrest photos of the woman who was released soon after her arrest. The bigger question is how someone like this woman can travel all over the country, just causing trouble.

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The woman below is the same woman arrested numerous times at riots. Who pays for this woman to travel all over to cause disturbances:

The huge rally began peacefully:

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