A DC Imam was caught on camera spewing hatred for Jews and saying the Muslims have to “rescue” the “dumb Americans”. This Imam is probably saying things just like this every week in his Mosque. It’s no wonder we have terror and hate coming from the Muslims who want to kill us….do you think we need Mosque surveillance for hate speech just like this?

It’s when Imam’s get caught saying things like this that you see the real agenda…
We went to this Imam’s Facebook page and found this post: “Mahmoud Abdul Rauf and Collin Kaepernick continuing the legacy!”

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Notice that Kaepernick is wearing a Malcolm X t-shirt…

The Imam’s Facebook page has several photos of his visits to speak in Iran…He has several pictures with the president. He has this photo with the caption “Greatness” above it: So he’s pro Iran and pro Cuba…What does that tell you???

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