Officials allegedly affiliated with the United States Park Police removed tents, tables, chairs, and other gear affiliated with the occupation of Farragut Square early Saturday morning in Washington, D.C. The video is sideways…

The police action that protestors on the ground described as a “raid” began around 4:00 a.m. Saturday, and ended roughly an hour later, according to the Facebook Live feed published by the group Impeachment Square.

The group’s Facebook page had this message:

At 4 AM on Saturday morning, US Park Police removed all ‘structures’ connected with the Impeachment Square Vigil to Confront White Supremacy from Farragut Square in Washington DC. The vigil was led by people from Charlottesville and across the country who had marched 118 miles from downtown Charlottesville to Washington to call for all white supremacists to be removed from government, including the President.

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One of the organizers: “It speaks volumes about our country that a permit would be issued for a white supremacist rally, yet our nonviolent 24-hour vigil against our white supremacist government would be broken up by a public institution. We are disappointed, frustrated, but resolved. We took as many reasonable steps as we could in the time available to us, but still had many donated goods to support the march and the vigil confiscated. Our next step is to march on the White House to bring our message to the President himself”


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