DC police are calling a tragic incident last night a ‘possible terror attack’. Two men drove through a crowd at the Adams Morgan nightclub area of NW, Washington, DC hitting two police officers and a transit employee. Is this a copycat terror attack like the ones in Europe?

Video from the attack: The two men crashed into another truck after running over the three people. An eyewitness said: “While out for ice cream with friends, right in front of us, a guy in that truck drove through a crowd of people, walking, on bikes, and even cops and ended up crashing into a garbage truck.”

The truck that the men used crashed into another truck. The police found a weapon inside so it could be that these men planned on doing more damage a la the truck attack that just happened in Manchester.

Video of one of the two people in the pickup truck in Adams Morgan being transported to hospital. Notice the beard? Is that a clue? The police cannot rule out terrorism so there must be huge evidence it’s terror. Another clue could be the weapon of choice by these two men. Was it a machete? We will keep you updated!

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