DC police are calling a tragic incident last night a ‘possible terror attack’. Two men drove through a crowd at the Adams Morgan nightclub area of NW, Washington, DC hitting two police officers and a transit employee. Is this a copycat terror attack like the ones in Europe?

Video from the attack: The two men crashed into another truck after running over the three people. An eyewitness said: “While out for ice cream with friends, right in front of us, a guy in that truck drove through a crowd of people, walking, on bikes, and even cops and ended up crashing into a garbage truck.”

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The truck that the men used crashed into another truck. The police found a weapon inside so it could be that these men planned on doing more damage a la the truck attack that just happened in Manchester.

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Video of one of the two people in the pickup truck in Adams Morgan being transported to hospital. Notice the beard? Is that a clue? The police cannot rule out terrorism so there must be huge evidence it’s terror. Another clue could be the weapon of choice by these two men. Was it a machete? We will keep you updated!

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