Antifa and Black Lives Matter have been assaulting innocent MAGA March Trump supporters for several hours tonight (see video below). After a peaceful march on DC with no violence, BLM and Antifa marched on Trump supporters leaving today’s rally. They attacked and assaulted families, couples and single people who were just in the street. They even robbed and assaulted a Black man who was selling MAGA merchandise in the area.

How can Democrats like Joe Biden call Antifa and BLM an “idea”? These groups are domestic terrorists who believe you follow them or you are destroyed. It’s frightening to think this hate is happening in America.

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The Proud Boys just mopped the floor with Antifa and BLM:

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More video of the proud Boys:

What are Americans supposed to do if the police can’t protect them? Fight back or be assaulted?

A BLM terrorist with a knife was knocked out by the Proud Boys:

Our previous report with videos of the assaults on DC Trump supporters:

The peaceful atmosphere of the MAGA rally today ended as it got dark. Groups of jubilant Trump supporters were walking around DC when the BLM and Antifa thugs suddenly attacked. Assault after assault has been caught on video showing the hatefulness of the groups the Democrats call an “idea” and a “myth” (see video below).

Joe Biden’s “idea” just assaulted numerous Americans in DC:

A family is terrorized in DC while trying to walk down the sidewalk:

A Trump supporter was pushed to the ground and robbed:

A young Trump supporter is assaulted:

They swarmed around Trump supporters throwing objects and assaulting them:

A Trump flag is set on fire:

More Trump supporters are attacked:

During a presidential debate, Joe Biden called Antifa an “idea.” He couldn’t be more wrong about this group that President trump just designated as a domestic terrorist group.

The video below shows the comment from Biden and then clips of Antifa violence:


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