On Thursday, New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio taunted the statistics about having fewer people in New York City jails than any time since World War II. De Blasio then added, “And we are safer for it and better for it.”

Yet, these remarks come the day after a corpse was found wrapped in plastic on the rooftop of a McDonald’s restaurant in the Bronx.

New York police have been left searching after a body was discovered on the roof of a McDonald’s on Wednesday. Sources reported that the terrible discovery was made at 6 am in McDonald’s, located in the Melrose area of the Bronx. The officers, responding to news of a man passed out on the roof, found a man wrapped in a plastic bag, the Daily Caller reported.

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A male who remains unknown was declared dead on the scene. According to police sources who spoke to the New York Post, a 911 caller indicated that only half of the body was on the roof. However, the authorities did not publicly disclose whether the body was completely intact.

A resident living near the Bronx McDonalds told that Tuesday night they smelled something dirty, but thought it was a dead animal.

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Police look through surveillance footage to find out how the body went up on the roof. The medical examination office is determining the cause of death.

The gruesome tragedy leaves many questioning the details. Was the body placed there? Did it fall from somewhere else? How long has the man been dead? Yet again, De Blasio’s so-called ‘safer’ city has been proven to be not-so-safe.

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