Despite huge opposition, a Christian town of about 3,000 is being forced to approve a 34-acre Muslim cemetery. Don’t think for a minute this isn’t happening in towns all across America. The quiet invasion of Muslims has been wildly successful:

The politics of Muslim cemeteries have sprung up recently in Dudley, Mass. (pop.: 11,390); Walpole, Mass. (pop.: 24,070); Farmington, Minnesota (pop.: 21,086); Carlisle, Pennsylvania (pop.: 18,916); and Farmersville, Texas (pop.: 3,301), reports the Associated Press.Apr 26, 2016

Not only is it Muslim cemeteries that are being forced upon us, it’s also Mosques. With the help of our Department of Justice, towns are being threatened if they don’t cave to the construction of mega Mosques:

Over the past decade, the total number of mosques in the US has continued to grow at a tremendous rate. As part of this Survey, a count of all mosques in the US was conducted and 2,106 mosques were identified. A total of 1,209 mosques were counted in 2000, and 962 mosques were counted in 1994.

Islam is set to surpass Christianity as the most popular religion in the world in no time flat:

How Many Muslims In The World? Islam Set To Overtake Christianity As Most Popular Religion, While US Population Also Rapidly Growing

Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world and will overtake Christianity as the most popular before the end of this century, according to an analysis of religious surveys published Tuesday by the Pew Research Center.

With 1.6 billion, Muslims made up 23 percent of the world’s population, according to a 2010 Pew estimate. That figure was still some way short of the 2.2 billion Christians which comprised 31 percent of the population.

However, by 2050 there could be near parity between the numbers of adherents of the two religions for the first time in history. The reasons for this rapid growth are thought to be the greater number of children Muslims have compared to other religious groups and the comparatively young age of Muslims.


Jack Hawkins, a Farmersville landowner, said he was strongly opposed to the cemetery and the Muslim religion in general. “If I had my way, I would outlaw it in America. And I would tear down every mosque that was in this country. That’s the way I feel about it,” Hawkins said.
Resident said that one of their main concern was the way in which Muslims inter their dead (In shrouds with NO caskets in the ground). Pastor David Meeks, of the Bethlehem Baptist Church, was one of the most vocal opponents in 2015 – opposition he said has only grown stronger.
“From what I hear, from my perspective, is that people are really more concerned than before,” Meeks said. “There have been terrible, drastic things happen in the world through radical Islamic terrorism, and any thought of that coming to our community just brings and harbors anxiousness, you know, that we’re concerned with.”


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