All we’re hearing from the left is fear mongering about President Trump’s budget. We love what welfare to work is coming back after Obama stripped it out of requirements to receive benefits. Food stamp enrollment exploded during Obama’s 8 years in office to be 44 million recipients.

The American taxpayers are footing the bill for those who take advantage of the system. Here’s the TRUTH about what the Trump administration has proposed for food stamps:

In reality, the president’s proposed policy is based on two principles: requiring able-bodied adult recipients to work or prepare for work in exchange for benefits, and restoring minimal fiscal responsibility to state governments for the welfare programs they operate.

The president’s budget reasserts the basic concept that welfare should not be a one-way handout. Welfare should, instead, be based on reciprocal obligations between recipients and taxpayers.


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Why should the federal government pay for almost all of the freebies? Shifting the responsibility to the states will help with accountability. Perhaps some of the states will make a better effort to clean up the fraud that’s so rampant in the system.

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