Actress Rose McGowan definitely has the worst tweet of the week with her apology to Iran for the airstrike that killed the Iranian Thug Soleimani.

McGowan also begged the Iranians not to “kill us” in her pitiful tweet.

We’re guessing she loved it when Obama was president and did nothing to push back on Iran and other terror-filled nations.

Dear #Iran, The USA has disrespected your country, your flag, your people. 52% of us humbly apologize. We want peace with your nation. We are being held hostage by a terrorist regime. We do not know how to escape. Please do not kill us.

McGowan was hammered on social media for her tweet.

Some of the best comments:

Not to mention, Soleimani was orchestrating additional attacks against American personnel and Diplomats in the region. Had he been successful, apologists like Rose would have blamed President Trump for “not keeping Americans safe.”


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