When he was running for president, Donald Trump made locking up Hillary Clinton for her criminal behavior a centerpiece of his campaign. Just the mere mention of her name would send supporters at his massive rallies into a wild chant, as they screamed, “LOCK HER UP!” Trump’s supporters weren’t chanting to be cute. Trump supporters were chanting because after decades of evading the law, Americans were quite serious about expecting candidate Donald Trump to follow through on his campaign promise to hold her accountable, and make her pay for her crimes, just like any other American would be expected to do.


The Hill – He pledged to appoint a special prosecutor, and even told Clinton during a debate that if he were president, “you’d be in jail.”
But after he won the election, Trump said he wouldn’t recommend prosecuting Clinton, saying she already “suffered greatly” and that it’s “just not something I feel very strongly about.”
Hillary has now gone on the attack and has made it crystal clear that her agenda is to take down President Trump. So Americans who supported you Mr. President, are respectfully asking, “When are you going to lock her up?”
As a reminder, here’s a video compilation of Donald Trump campaigning on the promise that he intended to make Hillary Clinton pay for her crimes: 

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