Who could forget what Donna Brazile did to help Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential race? She was outed by Wikileaks for giving debate questions to Clinton before the debate. Brazile was then forced to resign from CNN for cheating. This is why it was such a shock that Fox News hired her as an on-air correspondent.

At the time of her hiring, she released a statement saying she wanted to reach the Fox News listeners. Anyone who watched Brazile in action on Fox News knows she was there to do one thing…damage President Trump.

During her tenure at Fox News, Brazile was abrasive and had moments of anger that would have gotten anyone else fired. The example below stands out:

When Brazile was called out for her bad behavior, she refused to apologize and doubled down to say she was right to do what she did.

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Brazile recently spoke with the New York Times and said that she had “accomplished” what she wanted at Fox News, so she is leaving. She is correct that she accomplished spinning everything President Trump did in a bad way and pushed the propaganda from Democrats.

One particular thing she did was over the top and backfired. She questioned whether Trump was a legitimate president in a poll on Twitter:

Brazile probably wasn’t expecting the replies to her poll and the numbers that were way higher for President Trump.

The poll blew up!


She plans on moving over to ABC News as an on-air correspondent.

This comes as Juan Williams exits hosting at ‘The Five’ but will remain with Fox News.

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