Over and over again, the Democrat network, CNN, proves thy can’t be trusted when it come to bringing honest news to Americans.

Today, during their coverage of the “peaceful protests” in Kenosha, Wisconsin, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer appeared on the screen with a chyron below him that read: 8 PM CURFEW ORDERED AFTER VIOLENT PROTESTS OVER POLICE SHOOTING OF UNARMED BLACK MAN IN WISCONSIN”

CNN producers cut to CNN reporter Omar Jimenez, who is on the scene at the latest Black Lives Matter riots in Kenosha, WI, over the shooting by police of career criminal Jacob Blake. Before Jimenez spoke, Blitzer warned viewers that what they are about to see is “graphic,” and “very hard to watch.”

The chryon below Blitzer still read “Violent Protesters” until Jiminez began to explain the situation when the chyron suddenly disappeared and then reappeared with the word “Violent” missing from the chyron.

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Here’s the chyron after CNN removed the word “violent,” to help push the Democrat Party’s peaceful BLM protester narrative:

This why CNN has to pay airports to force captive audiences to watch their fake news network…

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