General John Kelly came out today during a speech to criticize President Trump. The Deep State operative who tried to undermine the president, according to Nikki Haley, wasted no time telling the audience that “It was a killer working for Trump.” It’s shocking that a former member of the administration would speak like he did about the president but this is someone who disliked Trump from the beginning.

Mark Levin’s comment on the speech from Kelly is spot on:

1. Kelly has a real hate on for the president. And he basically regurgitates the media and Democrat attack lines against the president, which is why Mediaite amplified his comments.

2. If he despised the president so much why did he accept the chief of staff job after having served as DHS secretary?

Retired Intel Operative Tony Schaffer also weighed in on Kelly’s comments:

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“Let’s be clear here – Gen Kelly is part of the propaganda machine of the left. LtCol Vindman is NOT a whistleblower – he did not “receive an illegal order”. He acted politically in regard to a policy he disagreed with – both Vindman & Kelly are compromised.”

Kelly was in Morristown, NJ to speak at the Drew University forum lecture series. He wasted no time discussing his tumultuous tenure in the Trump administration saying he clashed with the president on many issues. Kelly was the secretary of homeland security and then the chief of staff for Trump.

“I’m disappointed in myself for leaving, but it was a killer, I mean, no joke.”

CNN didn’t waste time reporting on the event with a reporter from The Atlantic: “He sounded anti-Trump”

Daily Record reports that Kelly went on to bash the president on several different policy items in the question and answer session. Kelly bashed trump on Ukraine, Vindman, North Korea and immigration. Outrageous!

Nikki Haley outed Kelly and Tillerson for trying to undermine President Trump last November:


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