Former Whitehouse trade advisor to President Donald Trump and renown expert on China, Peter Nevarro ripped into Bill Barr on Fox News for his anti-American duplicity on Sunday:

Why didn’t Donald Trump fire Bill Barr long before the 2020 election?  Everyone suspected he was slow-walking the president and not doing the necessary duties to prosecute injustices against America during the election.  He couldn’t wait to get back to business as usual without Trump at a cushy job in the private sector at Dominion Energy (unrelated to the voting systems company).

Peter Neverro had this to say of Barr’s duplicity:

“We did a beautiful executive order…to basically prevent the Communist Chinese from selling bulk power equipment into our electricity grid.  If we ever have a conflict with China they are much more likely to pull down our electricity grid using cyber attacks than dropping a bomb on us because that’s modern warfare: Chinese style.”

This executive order seems like a no-brainer.  Who would want China, an enemy of Western values who openly seeks America’s demise as it takes over the globe by 2030, to design America’s critical infrastructure?  They could design backdoors and would know all of our weaknesses.  Nevarro continues:


“So we had this beautiful [Executive] Order…one of the orders that Bill Barr helped Joe Biden do was to basically unwind that order.”

Why was Bill Barr, ostensibly PResient Trump’s Attorney General, working for Biden and against President Trump?  And why didn’t Trump fire this traitor?

“We got slow walked at the Department of Justice…”By the last year of [Trump’s] administration, he was really working against this administration…the bottle neck was at the Department of Justice” with Bill Barr as its Attorney General.

So, Bill Barr slow walked the sitting president of the United States while fast-tracking Joe Biden even prior to the election.

Why didn’t President Trump fire this awful man?

Does anyone still question the existence of the Deep State Swamp?

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