So, a dingbat walks into a nail salon…

The nail tech notices her mustache and suggests she has it removed.

The dingbat, who is also a United States Congresswoman replies:

“What if I like my mustache? You ever think about that?”

“Like…so, I just went to the nail salon. Ok? Just so I can get feel human. Nothing special. Just tryin’ to get some paint—cut my cuticles. Whatever.” 

Translation for Socialists: I cry all the time about being poor and don’t want anyone to think that I pamper myself. I’m just “trying to get some paint” and “cut my cuticles” In other words, she’s getting a manicure, a service usually reserved for those who can afford to have someone else take care of their personal hygiene.

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“My nails are getting painted, and the woman’s like, ‘Your eyebrows are too big for your face—Mustache?’ and I’m like Uhhh?”

Yep…this is the same woman who chased Amazon out of the Bronx, taking 25 -40K jobs with them. Cuz corporate greed sucks.

The Daily Caller video that captures Democrat Socialist Representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (below), switches to another hilarious scene, showing the United States Congresswoman complaining about being overworked and having to sleep on an air mattress, while not even being able to afford a chair. Perhaps she could start with painting her own nails and “cutting” her “cuticles—whatever?”

“Okay, guys. I’m just getting out of work.” AOC tells her admirers. “This is my office behind me. The thing they don’t tell you if you’re working in Congress is that if you do what you’re supposed to do, you’re working all the time. I spent weeks sleeping on an air mattress, and I don’t own a chair, so I’m gonna try to do that.”

Welcome to the world of being an adult, Alexandria.

It’s called making sacrifices.

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The next clip shows AOC in her kitchen, explaining economics to her followers, using Zimbabwe and Venezuela as examples. As she dices vegetables, she explains the urgency of stopping God’s weather patterns, aka global climate change.

“Is it okay to have children?”

“There are still children here in the world.”

As long as you’re asking, we would recommend you refrain from reproducing.


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