They’ve been warned. Gov. Rick Scott has been like a broken record begging the people of Florida to evacuate. These people might be putting rescuers in danger by staying but they’re mostly interested in partying…Saturday night on Miami’s South Beach, it was surfing — and partying — as usual, even as wet winds began lashing the Atlantic into a seething froth.

Shouts of “F— you, Irma!” rose from a group of some 20 surfers as they drank beer, white wine and champagne on the beach.

“Block party, baby!” artist Jona Cerwinske, announced.

They’d reluctantly left off surfing by late afternoon, after the Atlantic Ocean began to churn.

“It’s like a washing machine out there,” noted George Granizo, 51, as he abandoned the water.

The surfers said they’d gathered on the beach to mark the one-year anniversary of the death of one of their friends, who’d died while surfing. They feel he is protecting them: “This is mystical. We were expected to be underwater, but we are here having a great time.”

Good luck with the block party!

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