“…Just as children who self-identify as mermaids, are not actually fish.” @RealCandaceO

On Wednesday, the Department of Housing and Urban Development announced that it plans to end an Obama Administration rile that prevented federally funded homeless shelters from discriminating against transgender people.

The department made a statement that it will soon publish the change to the Equal Access Rule of 2016, which was put in place under President Obama, that required shelters to provide logding regardless of the individuals gender identity. The far-left media, including CNN, calls this move from the Trump administration an “assault on federal protections for transgender Americans.”

“The new rule allows shelter providers that lawfully operate as single-sex or sex-segregated facilities to voluntarily establish a policy that will govern admissions determinations for situations when an individual’s gender identity does not match their biological sex,” the statement read.

The ACLU took to Twitter to express their concern for the change “in the midst of the highest unemployment rates our country has seen in decades.”

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But Republican Candace Owens wasn’t going to let the ACLU’s criticism without a fight…

Owens tweeted, “Trump is proposing a rule not to allow MEN into WOMEN’s homeless shelters, because MEN who self-identity as women, are not actually WOMEN…”

The department proposed a similar rule change last year and made the claim that the new change would “better accommodate religious beliefs of shelter providers,” as well as other practical concerns.

Under the proposed change, a shelter that does not accept a transgender person would be required to hand out “information about other shelters in the area that can meet their needs.” A shelter that does accept transgender people would be required to give anyone uncomfortable with that “a referral to a facility whose policy is based on biological sex.”

It did not take long for transgender advocacy groups and legal organizations to quickly denounce the proposed ruling on Wednesday, which comes just weeks after the administration announced it was rolling back another Obama mistake – one that prohibits discrimination in health care against patients who are transgender.

After the department formally introduces the new rule, a two-month comment period will begin in which the public can speak out for or against the proposed change.

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