This man is delusional and doesn’t see that a BIG part of why Hillary lost is that this election was a mandate against him and his policies the past 8 years.
Blaming anyone else or anything else is scapegoating the real problem…him.

Does Obama actually believe the drivel that comes out of his mouth? He’s trying to say that supposed “fake news” won the election for Trump. He’s forgetting that it was the main stream media that was putting out fake news and fake facts from polls. The social media websites were reporting the truth that the main stream media chose to ignore. It was and still is a very scary proposition to think our president would squelch free speech in any way:
“Part of what’s changed in politics is social media and how people are receiving information. It’s easier to make negative attacks and simplistic slogans than it is to communicate complex policies.”

But then this is Obama and he had to find something to blame the defeat on…anyone or anything but himself….

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