Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s Democratic challenger, Beto O’Rourke, was flocked by Abbott supporters while leaving his event in Rockdale, Texas on Saturday night.

While O’Rourke hosted his event inside the Kay Theater, a crowd of anti-Beto Republicans grew across the street while they blasted Kid Rock music, flew Trump flags, and held signs in support of Abbott.

After the event ended, Beto left the venue to find himself surrounded by Abbott campaign signs being held up by his opponent’s supporters. Kid Rock played in the background as the crowd of Texans swarmed the gubernatorial candidate’s car.

Greg Price, a Senior Digital Strategist at X Strategies LLC posted a video of Beto exiting his event. Price tweeted,

“You will never find more of a vibe than some Texans chasing away Beto while Kid Rock plays in the background”

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