President Trump was on a phone interview with Politico when they asked him for his opinion of Democrat candidate Pete Buttigieg. The much younger candidate than Trump is the first gay candidate to run for president and knows how to take President Trump’s mocking one-liners with humor.

He responded with the one-liner of all one-liners that has now taken social media by storm because Buttigieg responded and then Mad Magazine also responded back to Buttigieg.

It all started with President Trump’s one-liner:

…“Alfred E. Neuman cannot become president of the United States.”

Buttigieg responded in a tweet that he didn’t even know who Alfred E. Neuman was:

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Mad Magazine had to get in on the act with a tweet:


“It’s a generational thing” is the line of the day!

Here’s Alfred E. Neuman from Mad Magazine:

We think Sabo has the best rendition of what Buttigieg would look like if you combined his face with Alfred E. Neuman.

There are over one million retweets on Buttigieg’s response to President Trump.



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