If you’re a Democrat, there’s never been a more popular time to rail against law enforcement. It all started with the Obama-Sharpton administration’s hatred for law enforcement. Almost immediately after Barack became president, he was caught up in an anti-police incident during his famous beer summit.  On July 30, only 7 months after his inauguration, Barack Obama stuck his nose into a local story involving a Henry Louis Gates, a black professor who was arrested at his Cambridge, MA home by a Cambridge Police officer after the department got a 9-11 call warning about break-ins in the area. Instead of letting local officials work out the details, Barack Obama, the self-appointed Czar of all things related to racial discrimination, had to interject himself into the controversy and blow it up into a story that made national headlines.

Of course, the narcissist in chief accomplished nothing in his “beer summit” at the White House, other than creating a false narrative that all cops are out to get Black Americans. Shortly after the beer summit incident, Trayvon Martin was killed by the “White Hispanic,” George Zimmerman. Barack Obama’s Attorney General was caught funneling money to pay people with taxpayer funds to descend on Sanford, FL, to protest against the alleged “murderer” George Zimmerman. George Zimmerman was found not guilty, but that was just the beginning of Obama, Sharpton, and others in our newly-elected president’s anti-cop regime.

Next was the big lie…”Hands up, don’t shoot” (that was later proven in court to be a lie) Michael Brown shooting by Ferguson Police officer Darren Wilson. The city of Ferguson was looted and burned to the ground. The jury found Darren Wilson innocent of the charges against him after friends and eye-witnesses testified Brown never had his hands up when he was shot and resisted Officer Wilson’s efforts when he confronted Brown. From the ashes of the Ferguson lie…BLM was born.

Although they ravaged, looted, and burned cities, destroyed innocent lives, were responsible for hundreds of injuries and even deaths of innocent police officers, BLM caught fire after lifetime criminal George Floyd died after Minneapolis Police Officer Derrik Chauvin kept his knee on his neck for over 8 minutes after Floyd resisted arrest. The toxicology report had Floyd’s death tied to an overdose of fentanyl. Never mind the small details…it was during the Floyd case that BLM realized the lucrative nature of the anti-cop, race-hustling business. Almost overnight, the Floyd family pulled down an incredible $14 million in a GoFundMe account for the family. The city of Minneapolis awarded the Floyd family a whopping $27 million, the largest civil settlement in the city’s history. Shortly after the George Floyd trial, it was discovered the BLM Co-Founder, Patrisse Cullors owned several homes worth millions of dollars purchased via an LLC. Many of the homes were located in nearly entirely white neighborhoods.

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Democrat lawmakers have joined forces with BLM to make themselves more appealing to minority and SJW voters. Representatives. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), Ayanna Pressley (D-MA), and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), and several other Democrat lawmakers from cities that also have high rates of crime, have called for the defunding of police.

A Democrat councilman and mayoral candidate in Atlanta found out the hard way that “defunding the police” may not be such a great idea after all.

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Daily Mail reports – Atlanta Councilman Antonio Brown, who backs the ‘Defund the Police’ movement and voted to cut the police budget by $73 million, was dragged from his car while it was being stolen Wednesday.

Antonio Brown, who is running on a platform of ‘reimagining public safety,’ was the victim of a carjacking months after he voted for an ordinance that would’ve withheld tens of millions of dollars from the police. That ‘Defund the Police’ ordinance – which would’ve reallocated $73 million of the police budget – was rejected by the city council.

The incident happened as Atlanta deals with a crime surge, with murders up 59 percent and car thefts up 25 percent from a year ago, as of May 22. There have been 54 murders in Atlanta compared to 34 at this time in 2020 and 284 shootings, up 46 percent from a year ago.

Meanwhile, the national ‘Defund the Police’ movement is facing pushback as the murder rate soared by an average of 30 percent across 34 major cities last year and continues to rise in many cities this year. In response, some cities are looking at restoring and even increasing the police budget in response to the soaring murder rates.

Brown was attending a ribbon-cutting in northwest Atlanta when four people hopped into his car as he was getting out to speak to someone just before noon – and took off.

The councilman told WSBTV that he was on hold with 911 for five minutes after the incident. Brown also claims it took 45 minutes for police to arrive because it was assigned as a low-priority dispatch.

‘Several males entered his unlocked car and drove away with it,’ police stated. Brown was driving a Mercedes Coupe, which has a push-button ignition.

Brown said he held onto the car and was dragged for around a block before letting go.

He did file a police report, according to FOX 5. His car was located hours after the incident, but no arrests have been announced. Brown said he doesn’t intend to press charges against the culprits.

He’s not pressing charges? How is that a good idea? If Brown lets them off the hook, won’t he be encouraging these young impressionable kids to keep up their life of crime, since they won’t face any consequences for their actions? What if Brown’s vehicle belonged to an elderly person, and the kids dragged them behind the vehicle for a block? What if he didn’t survive the joy ride? What then? Does Brown have a provision in his will that states if someone kills him, he doesn’t want them charged because it would involve dealing with the same police he called for help?

You can’t even make these stories up, unfortunately.

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