Loony leftist Oregon lawmakers have decided they want to give more freebies to people who are not citizens of America because of “inequity” perpetuated on a “CERTAIN CLASS OF PEOPLE”…What’s not being emphasized is that these people aren’t even legal citizens of the U.S.

“When opportunities in our state are withheld from a specific class of people, we perpetuate systems of inequity,” the lawmakers argued in The Oregonian. “As legislators of color, we believe it is important to challenge the injustices that have been in our nation and state since their founding.” – Oregon Governor Kate Brown

After Oregon lawmakers passed a bill to make illegal immigrants eligible for Medicaid-funded medical services,  Democratic Governor Kate Brown  is expected to sign the bill into law.

According to Fox News, the bill “expands eligibility to adults who would otherwise qualify for Medicaid-funded state medical assistance program but are excluded due to their immigration status.”

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The Lund Report estimates there are over 100k illegals in Oregon and that the Medicaid program for illegals would cost millions:

While the federal government pays the lion’s share of the cost of Medicaid, it will not pay for coverage for unauthorized immigrants, so the cost of the expanded coverage would likely fall to the state. Typically, Medicaid costs taxpayers about $6,000 per covered person per year. So, covering 50,000 would cost about $300 million a year. 

Leftist Governor Kate Brown claims that “the communities of color” have paid the price for the pandemic, forgetting about everyone else who also paid the price:

“All Oregonians must have quality, affordable health care, regardless of who they are or where they live. During my time as Governor, we’ve made great strides in expanding access. Currently, 94 percent of Oregonians and 100 percent of children have access to health care. The pandemic has taught us this is not good enough. And unfortunately, our communities of color have paid the price. Gaps in coverage persist, and these gaps are disproportionately borne by communities of color.”

Democrats in other blue states across America are pushing for more taxpayer-funded freebies moving their states closer to socialism. Governors like Brown must think taxpayer dollars grow on trees. This is why so many who are footing the bill for freebies to illegals are fleeing their state. It’s bad enough to give these freebies to people living off the government dime, but the people Governor Brown is giving freebies to aren’t even citizens. The question should be, what happens when the money runs out?

-New York created a $2 billion fund to offer one-time payments of up to $15,600 to illegal immigrants.

-In Washington, Democrats pushed for stimulus checks for illegals.

-Earlier this year, 42 Democrats voted against prohibiting any future economic impact payments from being sent to illegal immigrants.

Where does this end for state and federal funds when leftists are hell-bent on giving money and freebies to people who aren’t even citizens of the U.S.?

Is your state giving freebies to illegals?

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