Residents across America are being forced by their Democrat governors to wear face coverings when they’re inside enclosed public spaces.

On April 24, 2020, Michigan’s Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer announced that she would be extending her stay-at-home order through May 15th.

During her press conference, the overreaching governor announced that her new executive order would remove some of the draconian and senseless restrictions in her previous executive order, like golfing outdoors or giving citizens the ability to buy gardening or home improvement items from local stores, but her new executive order would include forcing every person in an enclosed space to wear a face covering.


On May 6, 2020, we reported about a Family Dollar Store security guard, 43-year-old Calvin James Munerlyn, who was shot to death trying to uphold Governor Whitmer’s controversial face-covering executive order.

The Detroit News is now reporting about a dangerous new trend…criminals using masks to commit crimes or criminals who are using surgical masks to hide their identity.

The way the FBI tells it, William Rosario Lopez put on a surgical mask and walked into the Connecticut convenience store in Chicago, looking to the world like a typical pandemic-era shopper as he picked up plastic wrap, fruit snacks, and a few other items. Then, when the only other customer left, he went to the counter, pulled out a small pistol, pointed it at the clerk and demanded that he open the cash register.

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The scene, the FBI contends in a court document, was repeated by Lopez in four other gas station stores over eight days before his April 9 arrest. It underscores a troubling new reality for law enforcement: Masks that have made criminals stand apart long before bandanna-wearing robbers knocked over stagecoaches in the Old West and ski-masked bandits held up banks now allow them to blend in like concerned accountants, nurses and store clerks trying to avoid a deadly virus.

“Criminals, they’re smart and this is a perfect opportunity for them to conceal themselves and blend right in,” said Richard Bell, police chief in the tiny Pennsylvania community of Frackville. He said he knows of seven recent armed robberies in the region where every suspect wore a mask.

In March, two men walked into Aqueduct Racetrack in New York wearing the same kind of surgical masks as many racing fans there and, at gunpoint, robbed three workers of a quarter-million dollars they were moving from gaming machines to a safe. Other robberies involving suspects wearing surgical masks have occurred in North Carolina, and Washington, D.C, and elsewhere in recent weeks.

Jahquez Scott, jailed on a gun charge and for violating his bond in a drug case, has tattoos of a small heart on one cheek and what looks like a blood-dripping scar on the other. But when he wore a mask, he posed as Quintin Henderson – who doesn’t have tattoos on his face and was scheduled to be released, authorities said.

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ABC7 Chicago – Scott, who was being held on a weapons charge, allegedly took down Henderson’s personal information and even traded a hooded sweatshirt with another detainee to complete his disguise, prosecutors have said.

When corrections officers called Henderson’s name for discharge, Scott stepped forward while wearing a mask and signed Henderson’s release papers before exiting the jail, authorities said.

Soon after, Henderson approached the correctional staff, claimed he had fallen asleep and asked if his name had been called, prosecutors have said. The officers then realized a switch had taken place, and signed an emergency arrest warrant for Scott.

Scott made it out, though he was captured a week later.

In addition to rare jailbreaks, the prevalence of masks in society has created other problems for law enforcement. Before life in a pandemic, masked marauders had to free their faces immediately after leaving a bank or store to avoid suspicion once in the general public. But it came with the risk of being photographed and identified through omnipresent surveillance cameras and cellphones.

These days, they can keep the masks on and blend in easily with or without being “captured” in images.

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