A “Progressive Issues Town Hall” in DC was the scene of antisemitism with a nod and a smile from Democrat Ilhan Omar from Minnesota.

The town hall was attended by other Democrats including Rep. Rashida Tlaib of Michigan.

The moderator of the event asked how the two women could criticize Israel without being labeled anti-Semitic.

Tlaib was the first to answer the question claiming she has worked to share untold stories of Palestinians in the battle. She is on record as being for the BDS movement that says it’s against “Israeli occupation”. She claims her movement is about “love” when that is not the case.

Omar was interrupted from speaking next by someone in the audience who shouted, “It IS about the Benjamins.” The comment refers to a controversial tweet from Omar that said Rep. Kevin McCarthy was being paid off to punish Omar and Tlaib for their anti-Semitic comments.

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At that point, both women smiled in a case of ‘sorry, not sorry’…

The open anti-Semitism we’re seeing from these two women is a disturbing trend. Pray that these two are voted out next time around.

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