Will this be the year Democrats are finally charged with voter fraud in Florida?

Naples News reports – Florida officials confirmed Monday that they have launched a criminal investigation into the use of altered election forms by Florida Democrats to fix absentee ballots after the state deadline, expanding an investigation into potential election fraud that was first referred to federal prosecutors.

The criminal investigation into the use of altered forms is underway in the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the attorney general’s office.

“We now have an active criminal investigation into this matter. I cannot provide any additional information at this time,” said Gretl Plessinger, a spokeswoman with the state’s law enforcement agency.

One state Democratic party staffer who was instructed to share the altered form with voters said she has “plenty of documentation to prove” several members in party leadership were made aware that the form, which was modified to include the wrong state deadline, was being circulated.

“Once I realized that the form was altered I brought it to the attention of several members in leadership. I have plenty of documentation to prove this,” Eli Logan, a Brevard Democrat, wrote in a private Facebook group message obtained by USA TODAY NETWORK – Florida.

Altered forms, which mirror those sent by Florida Democrats in the internal email in question, surfaced in Broward, Santa Rosa, Citrus and Okaloosa counties and were reported to federal prosecutors to review for possible election fraud as Florida counties completed a recount in three top races.

Here are the election results in those four counties. Would anyone notice tens of thousands more votes for Democrats spread out between four counties to add to the total numbers, especially in a county as large as Broward, where it’s possible for Democrats to throw a national election?

Santa Rosa County:


Ron DeSantis 56,140

Andrew Gillum 18,192

U.S. Senate

Bill Nelson 19,024

Rick Scott  56,352

Broward County:


Ron DeSantis 221,873

Andrew Gillum 481,677

U.S. Senate

Bill Nelson 471,334

Rick Scott  211,119

Citrus County:


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Ron DeSantis 47,727

Andrew Gillum 21,194

U.S. Senate

Bill Nelson  22,648

Rick Scott  47,989

Okaloosa County:


Ron DeSantis 59,924

Andrew Gillum 22,386

U.S. Senate

Bill Nelson  22,861

Rick Scott  60,888

In their request to federal prosecutors, state officials said “disseminating false information as to the date, timing or location of federal voting activity” is a violation of federal law.

Under state law it is a third-degree felony to “make or use any false document, knowing the same to contain any false, fictitious, or fraudulent statement or entry” connected to the state Department of State, including the elections division, which produces the form in question.

Logan, one of the party staffers who was instructed to share the altered form with voters, said she was concerned party leadership was letting them take the fall for following a supervisor’s instructions.

Logan declined to comment for this story, but in a message posted to the Facebook group “FDP Party leaders,” she said she had nothing to do with the “creation of the altered form,” which the party is doing an internal investigation on.

“I am terminally disappointed in the FDP, especially (Executive Director) Juan Penalosa, for not addressing this and for allowing other people like myself to take the fall for it,” Logan wrote.

Executive Director Juan Penalosa

The effort laid out in the internal party email was promoted by party volunteers, including Pam Keith, a prominent Palm Beach Democrat, who on Facebook urged voters to fix rejected absentee ballots by 5 p.m. Nov. 8, the incorrect deadline circulated in the altered form.

The George Soros group, MoveOn.org promoted Pam Keith for Congress on their Facebook page with 1.6 million followers, in a video, where Keith talks about how she supports single-payer health care.


Only two days ago, Keith was calling Andrew Gillum “the rightful Governor-elect of Florida”.


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