Senator Liz Warren just gave all Americans something to consider when it comes to a vote for president in 2020.

She considers the NRA to be “extremists” and just tweeted out to declare that she will “break the NRA’s stranglehold on our government.” Let that one sink in. If Warren becomes president, who knows what guns she’ll ban.

If Warren calls the NRA “extremists” then what does she think of lawful gun owners? Are they extremists too?

We must break the NRA’s stranglehold on our government. I’ve got a plan to pass sweeping anti-corruption legislation so that our nation will no longer be held hostage by a small group of well-financed extremists.

Now is not the time to allow any effort to take guns from Americans.

The rogue Democrats are assuring that we remember why we have our Second Amendment right to bear arms with their radical leftist policies.

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