Pennsylvania’s Democrat Lt. Governor John Fetterman, took to Twitter to sound the alarm about President Trump’s popularity in his state.

CNN host Alisyn Camerata shared an image of a tweet by the Lt. Governor that has now, curiously been deleted.

The tweet read: “The President is popular in PA. I don’t care what the polls say. With 700K ballots still out there, you need to BANK YOUR BALLOT.” The Democrat Lt. Governor implored Biden supporters to get their ballots to a drop box, a form of voting that has been widely criticized by Trump and other Republicans as a way to commit voter fraud.

Fetterman accompanied a photo of a recent Trump rally in Butler, PA that showed a massive crowd of Trump supporters.

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“The President has undertaken an unprecedented engagement of small county PA through a level of barnstorming that I can’t recall another candidate has done before,” he told CNN host Alisyn Camerata.

Fetterman explained that the immense turnout at Trump’s rallies is cause for concern that the polls may not be accurate.

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When the host asked if he believes the number of people who attended the Butler, PA crowd? He responded by telling her that the US Secret Service extimated the crowd at 57,000!

Here’s an incredible video that was taken by Republican activist Scott Presler, who’s dedicated an enormous amount of time to registering voters in PA:

According to Fetterman, President Trump and his surrogates have held over 15 rallies in the past week.

Watch the exchange here:

Trump supporters need to be very careful not to become overly confident about the number of people showing up to Trump rallies. Showing up at rallies is not the same thing as voting. Every person in America who supports Trump must find a way to cast their vote by the time the polls close tomorrow, or we will wake up to a devastating result. Democrats have already been caught in a number of schemes to steal the vote. It is our belief that Trump will need to win by a wide margin to negate the voter fraud. Do you agree?

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