One of the members of ‘The Squad’ tried to blame much of the loss at Chinese restaurants on “racist and xenophobic” Americans. Did she consider that much of the traffic in Chinatown comes from Asian patrons?

The Democrats have continuously tried to use this crisis to push race-baiting and fear-mongering. Joe Biden even came out today, making unfounded claims that there is xenophobia coming from the Trump administration. Nothing can change the truth that this virus came from Wuhan, China. That is not xenophobia.

Here’s Rep Pressley blaming “racist” Americans for the drop in business at restaurants in Chinatown:

“Since the beginning of the covid-19 outbreak, we’ve seen not only the spreading of the virus but also a rapid spreading of racism and xenophobia.”

Pressley went on to blame Republicans for perpetuating the racism she says is hurting her district.

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“One colleague tweeted that ‘everything you need to know about the Chinese Coronavirus.’ This painful rhetoric has consequences. Restaurants across Chinatown have seen up to an 80% drop in business.”

Does anyone believe that saying the virus is from China is turning people away? How is the truth xenophobic? Social media ripped her apart for trying to push this fake news (see below).

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Several comments to Pressley called her out for her racism and assumptions:

-The merchants in Chinatown are Americans. They are not Chinese

-Yeah well….colleges are shut down, air travel is shut down, sporting events are shut down. Restaurants here are dead quiet with no cases yet reported.

-Every type of restaurant has seen a drop in business.

-So, until now 80% of their customers were racists?

-Newsflash so has the hospitality sector. Give me a break.

While Democrats try to leverage this crisis to their advantage politically, President Trump is focused on doing what’s best for all Americans.

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