CNN has officially become a parody of itself.

The leftists who rant and rave about President Trump are losing their marbles.

Watch below as Congressman Himes behaves like a fourth-grader saying he has a “lizard brain” that hopes “bad things” will happen to President Trump. Who says things like that about a sitting president? This is dangerous territory with Pelosi saying recently that Trump should go to prison and then this comment with no push-back from Clintonite Blitzer.

The constant outrage from Democrats must mean we’re winning and they can’t handle it.  Just wait until Trump wins reelection!

Democrat Rep. Jim Himes (CT) was on CNN with Wolf Blitzer when he made this outrageous comment about President Trump:

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“The lizard brain that I have says I hope bad things happen to this man”

Later in the interview, we get to the REAL reason Rep. Himes is using such strong language. He’s the errand boy for Pelosi and the DNC. It’s all about politics and pushing to elect a Democrat by trashing President Trump in a very dark-hearted way:

“My real hope is that in 2020, the American voters look into their hearts…”

“We’re going to elect a different president. That, to me, that is how this country redeems itself. Whether one nasty individual, you know, spends his years in jail is a lot less important to me than the redemption of the values that animate this country.”

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The leader of the Democrats is trying her best to avoid impeachment because she knows it will backfire on Democrats in 2020 so she’s taking the tactic that she wants Trump in prison AFTER he’s out of office. Pure insanity!

She’s appeasing the Democrats who want impeachment by calling for our president to be sent to prison? Liberal Logic!

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