What is the deal with Democratic Rep. Pramila Jayapal?

President Trump is one of the most inclusive presidents ever who has been able to help ALL Americans since elected. Our economy is roaring and people have been doing better than ever. He’s reached out to EVERYONE!
Jayapal made the outrageous claim on MSNBC yesterday that Trump wants to make “America pure” with no “folks of color”.
What she misses is that President Trump is pro-immigration! He wants immigrants to come to America but wants LEGAL immigration.
Jayapal is from Washington State so that explains her far left opinion.
Jayapal was asked a leading question by MSNBC’s political hack anchor Chris Hayes about the divide in the political parties over building the wall. Hayes had claimed earlier that some of Trump’s base want “an ethnically pure America” so Jayapal took that comment and ran with it:

I joined to discuss the border wall. Trump has never been interested in being a president for the whole country. People of color and immigrants know this too well. His wall was never about policy: it has always about Trump’s efforts to lead a more “pure” America.

This type of hateful alienation of anyone who doesn’t agree with you is the path the Democrats are taking. How can we ever get anything done with people like this?

Putting Americans first is what Trump wants…



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