Senator Mazie Hirono told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that she believes there is “tremendous fear” that Trump will be reelected.

It’s easy to believe that there is fear from the corrupt Democrats and intel leaders because President Trump is going after them when he’s reelected.

The American voters aren’t buying the fearmongering from Democrats because they know President Trump puts them first with a booming economy and jobs for everyone. He’s done a fantastic job, and that’s another real fear that the Deep State has for Trump’s reelection.

Democrats continue to push the narrative that President Trump isn’t worthy of the office and shouldn’t be reelected. It’s hard for them to make the case with the great job he’s doing. They have to repeatedly call him a “dictator” and say he “must not be reelected” as House Manager Nadler did on the Senate floor last week.

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These people are shameless liars and are only strengthening the resolve of the American people who are more determined than ever to reelect President Trump.

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