We can’t decide who made the most disgusting statement during Don Lemon’s painful interview with a panel of liberal idiots (with the exception of Republican strategist Alice Stewart). Watch Don Lemon say (with a straight face) that these horrible thugs were “not evil” rather, they just suffer from “bad home training.” Is Lemon referring to these young adults who are clearly at an age where they know right from evil or puppies? Because when someone says, “bad home training” my mind doesn’t go to torturing kidnapped special needs people.

CNN host Don Lemon asks guest “Simone Sanders, former Press Secretary for Bernie Sanders: “How can you say it’s not a “hate crime” against a white person?”

Simone answers Lemon’s question by suggesting that this is NOT a hate crime. She goes on to say that if the 4 black thugs that beat and tortured this mentally disabled teen did it because they hated Trump, it shouldn’t be a hate crime. Sanders explains, “Motive here matters. So…was this for hate of Donald Trump, the President-elect because of things that he has said, or was this for pure hate of white people?”  

Yeah, so torturing another human being you kidnapped for hours is okay, as long as it was just about something Trump said.




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