We know that it’s important to confirm Judge Kavanaugh because he’s a brilliant man with a 26-year career that’s spotless. He’s a man who has a history on the bench of following the law. His former students on both sides of the aisle wrote a letter to endorse him. Before the allegations, he was given the highest rating that could be given by the American Bar Association which tends to lean left.

Many of the women that have known him and worked with him over his life have come forward to endorse Judge Kavanaugh. His professional reputation and resume are impeccable.

He’s lived his life giving back and working like crazy to succeed.

The man needs our prayers right now. He and his family have been through hell. Please pray for his wife and daughters.

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We pray he’s going to come out of this smear campaign and will be confirmed by the Senate. We’re rooting for Brett Kavanaugh in a big way! We’d love to see him on the Supreme Court but we also want him to win this battle for three more important reasons:


Lord help us if the Democrats are successful at destroying this man. This changes the game for all of us. At any time, you can be accused of something and will be considered guilty. Yes, this is what’s happened to Judge Kavanaugh so why shouldn’t it happen to anyone you know or even YOU.


“If the Republicans do not get this vote taken and have Kavanaugh confirmed, you can kiss the midterms goodbye.” Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh warned Republicans today that they need to get the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh through ASAP or they should pack up shop and go home…They will not win the midterms.

He begins to talk about the Republicans at the 16:00 point of the video:



So Chairman Grassley has a job to do here, because, if he gives Democrats enough time, they’ll produce a woman claiming to be Kavanaugh’s secret Russian wife who Trump paid to urinate on that bed in Moscow. If Grassley waits long enough, the Democrats will come up with the woman claiming to be Kavanaugh’s secret Russian wife. — he’s a bigamist, too, don’t you know — and Trump paid Kavanaugh’s second wife to hire a bunch of prostitutes to urinate on the bed Obama slept in while in Moscow.

If Grassley doesn’t get a handle on this and just do — and I’ll tell you something else, which everybody also knows.

If the Republicans do not get this vote taken and have Kavanaugh confirmed, you can kiss the midterms goodbye.

You can kiss goodbye holding the House and you can kiss goodbye holding the Senate. Because whatever the Democrats think of their base, the one thing I know that if you guys fold on this and cave and keep bending over backwards… You’ve done that enough. You’ve demonstrated that you don’t hate women.

You’ve demonstrated that you’re open-minded. You’ve demonstrated that you’re gonna hear from her. You’re never gonna hear from her! She’s never gonna show up. She’s not telling a story that can be verified, Senator Grassley. She’s not gonna show up. If you guys don’t conduct this vote in defiance of all this and if Avenatti gets one foot in the door to a Senate committee to start telling his story, then you can kind of kiss good-bye Republican chances in the midterms in November. Because people are gonna logically say, “What good does it do?”


Judge Kavanaugh’s former students endorse him:


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