On Tuesday, Joe Biden gave an address on the passage of the CHIPS and Science Act that was repeatedly interrupted by coughing fits. After coughing continuously into his hand, Biden proceeded to shake hands with several lawmakers.

This public event comes just days after Biden tested negative for COVID after what is being labeled a “rebound” infection.


Biden’s critics quickly took to Twitter to point out that he is only days out from his COVID isolation and is unmasked and shaking hands with people after coughing into them.

Jake Schneider, the deputy director of rapid response at the Republican National Committee, pointed out the hypocrisy of the Left in a Tweet that read,

“Just imagine a scenario in which Donald Trump gives a speech days after he gets COVID and hacks nasty coughs into his hands every 30 seconds. It’d be a national emergency.


That’s exactly what Joe Biden is doing this morning. Predictably, crickets.”

After his cough-ridden speech, Biden blew his nose, then was surrounded by members of Congress who all gathered close to him as he signed the bill.

While this fueled the speculation about Biden’s decline in physical health, the president also caused many people to question his mental health – per usual. Biden looked completely clueless later in the event as he went in for a handshake from Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, forgetting they shook hands just seconds before.

Senator Ted Cruz’s communications special advisor Steve Guest tweeted the clip of this awkward moment, saying, “All it takes is like 5 seconds for Joe Biden to forget he shook Chuck Schumer’s hand. Scary.”


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