Democrat Al Green has been obnoxiously pushing for the impeachment of President Trump for years…yes, years. He was one of the first Democrats to rant on the House floor about punishing our president by impeaching him.

Let’s face it; the hate runs deep with some of the Democrats who are convinced without one iota of evidence that President Trump is a racist, so he must be impeached. These people are sick, and it’s their sickness that is hurting America by causing such division and hate.

Now Green says he wants to impeach Trump for comparing impeachment to a lynching. This guy is grasping at straws now! He’s so predictable! Remember that he’s the one who said that Trump needs to be impeached to keep him from being reelected!

“If we don’t impeach this president, he will get reelected.”

President Trump tweeted out this nugget of truth and is being hit hard by the media for saying “lynching”:

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Since when is the word “lynching” only supposed to be used by Democrats? Green should study his history because it was Democrats who lynched blacks via the KKK. It’s interesting that the last mass lynching in the U.S. was done to Italian Americans in New Orleans in the late 1800s. In fact, the lynching of Italians in 1891 was the largest ever in the U.S.

Mr. Green, you don’t have a corner on the word “lynching.”

The fake outrage from Democrats to damage the president is old and tired.

We’re 100% FED Up!



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