The left’s war against the Second Amendment seems to rage on and on, day after day, as liberals relentlessly assault the right to bear arms with every dirty, nasty trick in the book.

Rep. Debbie Dingell (D-MI) recently made an appearance on Fox News Live where she announced that she was getting ready to introduce a bill that would create a federal law allowing gun confiscation orders.

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If you understand how integral the Second Amendment is to protecting our liberty, this is scary.

Breitbart has more details:

Such laws, generally referred to as Extreme Risk Protection Orders, are already in place in California, Indiana, Oregon, and other states, and Dingell believes the ability to seize firearms is crucial for pubic safety.

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During live broadcast Dingell said, “Rep. Fred Upton (R) and I are looking at introducing … legislation … at the national level.” She added, “I grew up in a home where a man shouldn’t have had access to a gun, and I remember some very frightening moments, and there was ability to deal with it. A family who knows that someone in their family could be a danger to themselves or to others needs to have tool that they can take that gun away.”

Dingell stressed that seizure of firearms must occur in a way that protects due process, but she did not explain how such protection is possible. In California an order to take guns can be issued without the gun owner even knowing. And in Indiana, the state on which Dingell is basing her federal legislation, individuals who have their guns seized have approximately 14 days to go to court to “make a case” to get them back.

The Salt Lake Tribune summed up the Indiana law, “In Indiana, law enforcement can confiscate weapons without a judge’s order. The gun owner must ask the court to get the weapons returned.”

Extreme Risk Protection Orders have proved a popular gun control response to the February 14 Parkland school shooting. However, it is difficult to believe such orders would have prevented that attack. On February 23, 2018, Breitbart News reported, “The family with which [Cruz] was staying repeatedly called the police on him in November 2017 but refused to file charges when sheriff’s deputies arrived. A member of the family with which Cruz was staying explained away Cruz’s erratic behavior by saying he ‘had been suffering significantly from the loss of his mother’ earlier in the month.”

What Dingell and other anti-gun leftists don’t seem to grasp both on a pragmatic and intellectual level is that banning guns, confiscating weapons, and severely limiting the Second Amendment does not solve the problem of human evil.

When a person is dedicated to the idea that the only way to assuage their rage or to fix a specific situation is through violence, they’ll find some way to carry out their desires.

Nikolas Cruz, the Parkland shooter, would’ve been stopped before the shooting had the FBI not failed in their duty to thoroughly assess risks. The failure to uphold the law caused this awful tragedy, and yet, somehow, more law is the answer?

Chicago has super strict gun laws and they have one of the highest gun violence rates in the country. Same can be said for California, a point punctuated by the YouTube shooting that happened on Tuesday.

The Second Amendment exists to provide citizens with the means to defend their liberty from tyrannical government and to give us tools to defend life and property from criminals.

Taking that away or putting strict limitations on that right always leads to disaster and creates more victims.

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