According to a report from The Daily Wire, a Democrat candidate for the Virginia House of Delegates in the upcoming election has “sought to bring an After School Satan Club into schools, raised money for the Satanic Temple, and written books about the occult for children.”

The candidate, Jeremy D. Rodden, is running for Virginia’s 90th District near Chesapeake.

The Daily Wire reports:

In November 2022, Rodden posted a flier to his campaign Facebook page that said, “Hey kids! Let’s have fun at After School Satan Club!” The flier said it is sponsored by the Satanic Temple and would take place at the B.M. Williams Primary School in Chesapeake.

Rodden wrote: “I can’t wait to sign up my second grader for this after school club! Fellow BM Williams parents, let me know if you plan on signing up your kiddos and if you need any help with carpooling/transportation. Note for those who don’t know: this club does not practice any religious indoctrination whatsoever, unlike some of the other clubs offered at this school and at schools throughout Chesapeake Public Schools.”

By December, a gunman killed seven people at a Walmart five minutes from the school while crediting Satan for his acts in a manifesto. Even the group’s original sponsor fled the group, acknowledging it was “divisive” and that the community needed healing after the slaughter. But not Rodden, who leaned in and served as its de facto spokesman, repeatedly calling Christians terrorists instead.


The outlet shared the flyer from Rodden’s campaign Facebook page:

*Source – The Daily Wire*

According to The Virginian-Pilot, Rodden made an unsuccessful bid for School Board in a recent election.

From The Virginian-Pilot:

Jeremy Rodden, a Chesapeake resident who made an unsuccessful bid for School Board in the most recent election, posted a message on his Facebook account Tuesday morning about the club.

“I have been credited as being responsible for bringing the After School Satan Club to BM Williams here in Chesapeake. I am not. However, I do know those who are. Due to this, I have been contacted by community leaders throughout the city over the last few days regarding the club.”

Rodden passed along the following message that he said the original club sponsor asked him to share:

“Due to the heightened emotional situation in our city following the recent tragic mass shooting at the Walmart off of Battlefield, I am removing my name from the lease agreement for the After School Satan Club. I do not want more division in our city as we strive to heal and are still reeling from this great loss of life.”

Bastet said several local residents stepped up to sponsor the club after the original sponsor withdrew her name. Club organizers are unsure whether the change in sponsorship will delay the process or affect their original planned first meeting date of Dec. 15.

The Daily Wire noted that Rodden has also authored books about “demonic” themes aimed at young children.

Cont. from The Daily Wire:

When he’s not running for public office, Rodden authors books aimed at putting “demonic” themes in front of young children.

Books he has authored or contributed to include “Demonic Carnival: First Ticket’s Free,” “Demonic Household,” “UnCommon Evil: A Collection of Nightmares, Demonic Creatures, and UnImaginable Horrors,” and “Demonic Wildlife.”

Rodden’s social media comments demonstrate not just a desire to ensure that various religions, or the right to practice no religion at all, are respected, but rather a deep and overriding disgust with Christianity.

Demonic Carnival: First Ticket’s Free” states:

You are traveling into a dark and humorous place. We start you off with light, soft stories, but be warned. You will find yourself falling into the ever darker, gorier, and more demonic stories with each passing story. From heartwarming endings to feeling like you just walked out of the Carnival Port-a-potty into another dimension – this collection will leave your mind spinning. The Fried Food stall, the Ferris Wheel, and even that carnival themed hotel in Vegas… all of it will never be the same for you after your visit to the Demonic Carnival. Remember… First Ticket’s Free…

Read the full report at The Daily Wire.

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