Wow! What world does this guy live in where he doesn’t want tax cuts?

Illinois Democratic congressional candidate Sean Casten just gave his election away by saying that the tax cuts passed by Republicans and President Donald Trump in 2017 should be “completely eliminated.”

“So the tax reform that was passed, should be completely eliminated for a really simple reason. Prior to that tax reform being passed, corporates were sitting at record profits as a percent of GDP, record cash reserves, and wages were at an all-time low relative to GDP.” 

Casten thinks most Americans are seeing no benefit from the tax cut:

“By giving a tax cut to corporates to the top one percent, 83 percent of the tax cut went to the people who didn’t need it. And it hasn’t triggered investment. It hasn’t triggered wage growth. What it’s triggered is a massive increase in dividends. And when 35 percent of U.S. equities are owned by foreigners that means that more money left the country from the tax bill than flowed to 99 percent of Americans.”

Casten is the bigmouth that compared President Trump to Osama bin Laden back in August. He also said “Nazis” work in the White House a few days later.

Casten is running against Republican Peter Roskam who has held the seat since 2007. It’s a shocker that this race is a toss-up! what is Illinois thinking?

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