Is the DNC deaf, dumb and blind to the angry radical rhetoric coming from the Black Lives Matter group? They’ve thrown their support to this cop-hating group only to be rebuked by them. Does Debbie know that one of the leaders is a Jew-hating Hamas supporter? Clueless!

The DNC with that special exquisite timing they have, just this week passed a resolution supporting the BLM, this despite all kinds of inflammatory rhetoric and actions against police.

Everyone has at this point seen the Black Lives Matter Minnesota chant.

But this of course was not the first time or a one off.

Many may remember a similar chant from them in NYC, just before two cops were assassinated by a Black Lives Matter protester/Islamic extremist Ismaiiyl Brinsley. Brinkley specifically cited Mike Brown and Eric Garner as his reason for killing the cops, and ‘putting pigs in a blanket'[putting them in a coffin]. As we reported at the time, MSM missed that Brinsley had been a protester.


This type of angry radical rhetoric is a constant. Perhaps Debbie, who is very proud of her Jewish heritage and supportive, generally, of Israel must have missed this little nugget lead by the Ferguson protester and Palestinian/Hamas supporter Bassem Masri.

After the two cops killed in NYC, Masri: If you don’t hold [cops] accountable ‘m**f**kas are going to have to hold you accountable in their own way’, other BLM member about cop killers: We call them heroes.

This man, Bassem Masri, who has a criminal background, was invited to a DOJ community meeting on Ferguson in November. Many of the other members of the BLM have a history of visiting the White House prior and during their protesting career.

So we have to ask, why the endorsement and meetings with this radical group?

Via: Weasel Zippers

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