Rep. Dan Goldman (D-NY), lead counsel in the first impeachment inquiry against President Trump, said Trump “has to be eliminated” during an interview with former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki.

Psaki discussed the recently released J6 tapes with the New York Democrat and he reacted to Trump’s comments.

“Every time he talks, he’s putting himself into a bigger criminal hole,” Goldman said.

“His objective is purely political at this point,” he continued.

“His rhetoric is really getting dangerous,” Goldman added.

“It is just unquestionable at this point that [Trump] cannot see public office again. He is not only unfit. He is destructive,” he continued.

He has to be eliminated,” he added.


“If a Republican went on TV and said that a Democrat presidential candidate needed to be ‘eliminated’ they’d be raided by the FBI within hours. Donald Trump is facing half a millennia in prison for saying people should ‘fight.’ Instead, Dan Goldman alludes to the assassination of Donald Trump and does so with zero consequences and zero fear of any consequences,” Charlie Kirk commented.

“Democrats have tried every trick in the book to take out Donald Trump, and he’s more popular than ever. What else do they have left?” he questioned.

“Yesterday on TV, I mistakenly used the wrong word to express the importance for America that Donald Trump doesn’t become President again. While he must be defeated, I certainly wish no harm to him and do not condone political violence. I apologize for the poor choice of words,” Goldman said Monday morning.

Social media users weren’t buying Goldman’s ‘apology’ for his rhetoric:

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