Democrat Jan Schakowsky appeared on MSNBC to defend Muslim Rep. Ilhan Omar.

She explained that Omar’s antisemitism should be met with understanding.

Schakowsky claimed Omar has “things to learn” because she’s “from a different culture”.

It’s interesting that she immediately tries to pivot to gun bills and then is brought back in line to talk about Omar. She doesn’t want to discuss Omar and even says she doesn’t want her colleagues to discuss Omar on social media.

Schakowsky blames the media and Republicans for all of the uproar about Omar’s anti-semitic comments. She’s great at deflecting but Americans see through this effort to whitewash hateful language from the Freshman Congresswoman Omar. It’s not like she just arrived in America and suddenly realizes there is a Jewish population here.

A famous line  from Hamlet comes to mind: “The lady doth protest too much, methinks”

Party obviously comes before country for this Democrat…


The majority of us, the vast majority, are going to be voting for a resolution that I hope puts this to bed — that says, yes, as a Jew, antisemitism is a huge deal, the antisemitic acts are up 50 percent over last year.

But Islamophobia is also a huge problem, and I want to tell you that Ilhan Omar, Congresswoman, is under tremendous attack, death threats. I think maybe she needs some security. And why? Because I think, in part, the Republicans and the media have blown this up to be much more than it is. We do have to deal with the kind of diversity in our caucus. I want to tell you, Ilhan talked to me personally… Not only did she apologize for the words that she has used, but she apologized personally to me as a Jew.

I want to tell you, part of being a Jew is to be welcoming to the stranger. And I want to tell you, Ilhan Omar is a refugee from Somalia. She comes from a different culture. She has things to learn. I am not either trivializing antisemitism or the things that she said or saying that it’s okay that she said them, but what I am saying is that I think this is a learning moment for her and a learning moment for the caucus on how to get along.



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