“I think this is hope over reality”…longtime Democrat and Harvard Law professor Allen Dershowitz ripped into Senator Diane Feinstein for making accusation of obstruction of justice against President Trump. He went through all of the reason why there is nothing to the claim by Feinstein that POTUS committed a crime. Dershowitz compared Trump to the crimes of past presidents and concluded that Trump is in the clear. He detailed crimes that Nixon and Clinton clearly committed but said that it’s within the Constitutional powers that Trump did what he did by firing former FBI Director James Comey:

“She simply doesn’t know what she’s talking about” – Dershowitz on Senator Diane Feinstein’s claim that President Trump obstructed justice.

This woman is another one who needs to go! She’s gotten rich off of being in Washington and will probably only retire if she’s pulled out of her office kicking and screaming. It’s been a lucrative business for Diane and we’re sure she doesn’t want to see it end. Is she pushing the envelope politically because she knows her delusional liberal base will approve? Reelection over truth and integrity wins out with these people every time…

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