Pennsylvania Democrats are switching parties in droves as one voter explains why she left the Democrats behind after 34 years in the party

The realignment from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party transcends demographics and geography. It is not only Hispanic voters in Texas and Arizona. It includes voters of all races and ethnicities, across the entirety of the United States. The Democratic PArty is hemorrhaging voters ahead of the 2022 midterms.

Nearly 40,000 Pennsylvania Democrats have left their Party to join the Republicans under the increasingly obvious failures and dangers of the Democratic Party and the Biden regime. This trend is visible across the entire United States, although Pennsylvania is of note due to its importance as a battleground state–one which Republicans may decisively win in the Midterms.

A Voter registration form with the Democratic Party crossed off to represent the large exodus

A Pennsylvania mother and voter, Beth Ann Rosica, went on Fox and Friends to discuss why she and others are leaving the party of slavery and big government behind.

From Fox News:

“I think the economy is huge, and I also think a lot of the school issues for parents across the state of Pennsylvania, it’s just been horrific watching what’s happened to our kids academically, socially, emotionally,” Rosica told co-host Carley Shimkus.

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“All of these failed policies have just really resulted in academic losses.”

Rosica said many parents are “fed up and disgusted with what’s happened here over the last two and a half years” with surging inflation and gas prices.


The story of voters leaving the Democrats due to the party’s economic incompetence, high gas prices, and abysmal inflation is not new or unique. However, hearing how it impacts the family and especially the academic lives of students adds a new layer to how damaging Democrat policy is.

“As a former Democrat for 34 years prior to the pandemic, I too thought that the Democratic Party was really focused on the people that they pretend to support,” Rosica said.

Rosica has dedicated much of her life and career to helping the underprivileged, families and communities, in attaining the resources needed for success.

“What I saw through the pandemic was that the Democratic Party basically abandoned all of those people,” Rosica said. “And so that was why I left the party, or as I like to say, the party really left me, and I think that a lot more people are really starting to see that.”

Another former Pennsylvania Democrat who switched parties this year, Endrias Micael, comes from an immigrant family and believes that the Democratic Party has abandoned many groups of people entirely. His efforts are focused on reaching out to these people to organize grassroots efforts and mobilize swing-state voters against the failed policies of Democrats.

The Democratic Party abandoned the same groups of people they have always claimed to support–the poor, the working class, and minority groups. They have long claimed that Republican policies are damaging to these groups while Democrats offer the sole salvation for these peoples, but many, such as Beth Ann Rosica, do not see it that way. After all, how can poor schools and extortionate prices ever be good for the poor and working class? That is all you get with the Democratic Party, and it is not helpful to the heartland.

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