Civil rights attorney Leo Terrell went on a tweetstorm today. Democrats should take notes.

Terrell is a Democrat who is often on Sean Hannity’s show representing the party.

A few weeks ago, he began giving scorching commentary against BLM and Democrats. He also joined Mark Levin last weekend for a fantastic discussion (see below) about the Democrats and race.

He hasn’t said he’d vote for President Trump until today when he went on a social media rant against Democrats.

“If the presidential election was held today, I would vote for #DonaldTrump. America Is more important than party loyalty.”


Terrell repeatedly begged Democrats not to vote for Biden:

“JoeBiden is unqualified to lead this country in the current state. Questions about #police violence? Look at what
JoeBiden has NOT done for the last 24 years.”

“I am asking law and order Democrats to leave the party. Black Lives Matter and  Socialists have hijacked the party. It is no longer the party of JFK.”

“Please American Democrats – Do not give Joe Biden & Democrat mayors your vote. They are pandering to the black vote & just playing politics.”

The civil rights Attorney joined Mark Levin last weekend to discuss police reform and the election:

Terrell begs people to support police officers:

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