Kristopher Jacks, chair of Our Revolution in Weld County, CO, was caught on video telling an undercover reporter for the incredible Project Veritas that “2020 is a political revolution” and how he is “going to do everything morally acceptable to win.” The only problem is, Jacks’ definition of “morally acceptable” is not exactly the universally accepted definition of the term.

Jacks’ explains, “I will lie. I will cheat. I will steal,” because, according to the chair of Our Revolution,  “that’s morally acceptable in this political environment.”

James O’Keefe, the founder of Project Veritas, explains how Jacks’ is a member of a radical 501C-4 organization bent on creating a “political revolution, here in the United States.”

O’Keefe shares a screenshot from the Weld County Dems website that reveals Jacks is also a member of the Democratic Party Executive and Central Committees.

“It’s truly killing random Nazis in the street, random f**king bootlickers,” Jacks says casually, as he explains to the undercover reporter how the .1% who he says “controls everything” needs to be dealt with.

Kristopher Jacks claims a Biden administration needs to advance his objectives, or there will be violence. He also explains why he “loves” Antifa because they are a “militant group,” willing to use violence to achieve their goals and suggest that one of the ways they can achieve their goals is to get people who are close to “random billionaires” to murder them. He laughs, as he claims that “Bezos is at the top of the list.”

Jacks laughs, as he explains that unions aren’t stabbing people like they used to, and why this time around, they need to start using guillotines to kill the rich.

The member of the Democratic Party Executive Committee shares his expectations for the “presumably left-leaning” Joe Biden should he become the next president, “he’s got a functioning signing hand, Jacks says, adding, “as long as there is progressive legislation coming across his desk, I am confident that we can occupy his house,” warning that if he doesn’t fulfill their wishes, that they know where he lives.

Near the end of the video, Jacks threatens that Americans “underestimate how many people are organized, trained, armed, and ready to go.”


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