U.S. Congressman Eric Swalwell, who dropped out of the Democrat presidential primary after he couldn’t find 1% of voters to support him, tweeted out a bizarre story about being “punched” by a passenger on a United Airlines plane.

A passenger boarding the @United plane I’m on just stopped in front of me, punched my shoulder, and said “you all better get your act together and impeach him.””Swalwell tweeted.

Popular You Tube personality and Republican candidate for Congress in the 11th district of New York, Joey Saladino, responded to Swalwell’s tweet, asking the question we all want to know, “Why did you have to tag the airline?”


Instead of answering Saladino’s question, Swalwell asked him, “Don’t you have a Nazi rally to attend?”

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Twitter user, RE Investor Guy responded to Swalwell’s tweet, saying United Airlines must be thrilled to be part of Swalwell’s vile Twitter thread, “Here, ladies and gentlemen, is a perfect example of how a politician calls someone a Nazi because he has no intelligent response to a valid question. 6 year old behave better. I’m sure United is thrilled to be included in this thread.”

Democrat activist Erik Stanger added a misleading photo of Saladino wearing a Nazi armband to back up Democrat Rep. Eric Swalwell’s disgusting, false accusation, saying,

“Gonna just leave this right here”

This is a perfect example of how Democrats work with the mainstream media to smear their opponents. They make a vile, baseless accusation against millions of Americans who don’t agree with them and their supporters (like Erik Stanger) prop up their lie, making others believe that lie is actually the truth.

Allow us to shine some light on the vile accusation by U.S. Rep. Eric Swalwell, and Democrat activist, Erik Stanger:

In March 2017, Youtuber “Joey Salads” whose popular video channel has 2.7 million subscribers and over 500 million views, set out to disprove the lie that Trump supporters are Nazis or Nazi sympathizers. Dressed as a Trump supporter, with a Swazstika band on his arm, Joey Saladino, or “Joey Salads,” can be seen walking into a crowd of Trump supporters at a flash mob rally for Trump by the side of a busy intersection.

Saladino starts his video by explaining what he’s doing, “The mainstream media and the left are promoting this narrative that all Trump supporters are Nazis. So, what I’m gonna do is go to a Trump rally with a Nazi armband and see if they join in with me with Nazi salutes. If the mainstream media is correct, then they’ll join in with me.”

“Are we gonna Heil Hitler today?” he asks a young family stadning with an American flag? The mother responds, “no.” “This is a Trump rally. It doesn’t matter,” she responds. “Aren’t we all Nazis,” he asks. “Nope,”she says. Salads looks confused, “CNN told me are.” The mom asks, “Why are you watching CNN?”


The bottom line is that Saladino did a fantastic job of disproving the lie that Trump supporters are Nazis in his popular video with almost 1 million views, and a sitting United States Congressman used his video to falsely accuse him of being a Nazi.

From the Joey Saladino For Congress website:

Joey Saladino decided to run for Congress because he wants to be the voice for New York District 11. The State and City governments loathe the district and actively pursue an agenda of hostility towards the working-class people who live there. Joey is here to fight back, and he will be able to carry the District’s voice into Congress.

Joey wants to apply his working class, New York City values to work in Congress and use his voice, a reach of over 10 million followers and 1 billion views per year, to work for New York District 11. He is sick of the anti-American, anti-working-class agenda the Democrat Party is pursuing and will be your voice, the voice of the people in 2020 and beyond.

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