In 2016, President Trump won the state of West Virginia by a whopping 42 points. Trump’s win was the largest win for any presidential candidate in the state’s history). Hillary Clinton fought hard to win back the state of West Virginia, after telling the miners who make up a large portion of voters in the state, that their jobs aren’t coming back. President Trump promised he would fight for their jobs—and he’s delivered on his promise.

With President Trump gaining popularity, Democrat Senator Joe Manchin, who likes to pretend he’s a moderate, is now in the fight of his life to keep his Senate seat—literally.

WFB- Democratic incumbent Sen. Joe Manchin (D., W.V.) said he wanted to “beat the living crap out of” his Republican opponent during their debate, at a campaign rally in Marmet.

“You might have seen the debate the other night,” Manchin said. “I want to tell you something.”

“It took every bit of my discipline not to beat the living crap out of them,” he said to cheers from the audience of several dozen Democrats, gathered at the George Buckley Community Center.

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“Here’s what I’m thinking,” Manchin continued. “You don’t come to someone’s state. You don’t come in here and not knowing who we are and just be spewing out horrible things. Every other word was trust, liberal, trust, dishonest, and I’m thinking, ‘Trust?’ Here’s a man who ran for Congress, Patrick Morrisey ran for Congress in New Jersey in 2000. He ran in the primary and got beat, only got 9 percent of the vote. Who trusts who?”


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