The Democrats are lying all over the place along with the main stream media…it’s hard to keep up with the lies. This is shameful and every one of these people should be called out on their lies. Markey repeated something he read on two blogs! So who repeats as FACT something they just READ about on two blogs? Unbelievable!

Senator Ed Markey was on CNN and lied during the interview about Trump…Shame on him!

Sen. Ed Markey (D., Mass.) on Wednesday spread a false news story about the investigation into President Donald Trump’s campaign team’s purported ties to Russia.

“There are very strong allegations that the Russians had relationships with people inside of the Trump campaign,” Markey said during an interview on CNN.

“In fact, subpoenas have now been issued in Northern Virginia with regard to General [Michael Flynn] and General Flynn’s associates,” Markey continued. “A grand jury has been impanelled up in New York.”

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There have been subpoenas issued in Virginia (to associates of Flynn), but no reputable outlet has reported anything about an impaneled grand jury. When a Guardian reporter requested a source, Markey’s office said he read about it on two blogs…Huh?

The democrats are so desperate to nail Trump that they’re taking fake news to a whole new level…

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